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This is the opening song from the album Highway Rider, released in this year. In this piece we can remark traditional 2nd minor intervals and semiquaver rhytmic feel, used very often by Mehldau.

You can listen to original version in above YouTube content and download the music sheet

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Vanessa Carlton – A Thousand Miles Chords http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/vanessa-carlton-a-thousand-miles-chords/ http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/vanessa-carlton-a-thousand-miles-chords/#comments Wed, 25 Aug 2010 07:13:42 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=877 This is a transcription of the chords for Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles in PDF format.


and here’s the youtube link to the music video.

Hope it will be beneficial to anyone looking for it.

Enjoy and Have Fun …… :D

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Acoustic/Digital Hybrid Piano – The Yamaha AvantGrand N3 http://pianologist.com/piano-news/avantgrand-n3/ http://pianologist.com/piano-news/avantgrand-n3/#comments Wed, 11 Aug 2010 07:54:29 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=875 Imagine a digital piano sounds exactly like an acoustic grand piano. That’s what reviewers think about Yamaha’s Avantgrand N3.

The selling street price is US$15,000. According to Keyboard Magazine review, the touch, the sounds, and the realism of N3 is comparable to a US$30,000 six-foot grand piano. This is without considering the extra features such as “no-tuning-needed-ever”, “mute-with-headphone-plugged-in”,”instant-scale-temperaments-change”, and “song-recording-playback”.


Yamaha Avantgrand N3

Yamaha Avantgrand N3

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Top 14 Coolest Pianos http://pianologist.com/piano-news/weird-piano/ http://pianologist.com/piano-news/weird-piano/#comments Wed, 28 Jul 2010 05:44:43 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=872 Here is a list of 14 cool and unusual pianos, compiled by Toxel.com.
My personal favorite is the transparent piano because it will be fascinating to see the hammer and pedal actions in full clarity.

Transparent piano by Kawai - watch the hammer actions when you play

Transparent piano by Kawai - watch the hammer actions when you play

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Jamey Ray: The One-armed professional Pianist http://pianologist.com/piano-news/jamey-ray/ http://pianologist.com/piano-news/jamey-ray/#comments Wed, 14 Jul 2010 09:16:14 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=863 When people are still arguing whether they are too old to start learning the piano, one-armed pianist Jamey Ray had formed his band and working on his coming album.

He proves to us that regardless of our age, gender, fingers’ length, everyone and anyone can excel in piano playing. He did it just with 5 fingers.

Ray is born with only one hand. But it didn’t stop him from playing the piano. After all, we need fingers to play the piano. It doesn’t matter how many you have.

]]> http://pianologist.com/piano-news/jamey-ray/feed/ 1 Jason Castro’s Lets Just Fall In Love Again Chords http://pianologist.com/transcription-sheet-music-score/jason-castros-lets-just-fall-in-love-again-chords/ http://pianologist.com/transcription-sheet-music-score/jason-castros-lets-just-fall-in-love-again-chords/#comments Tue, 13 Jul 2010 20:44:17 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=858 Simple and cathcy song by Jason Castro, thought I share with you guys the chords. Here it is in PDF format.


and here’s the video for your viewing pleasure

Enjoy and Have Fun …. :D

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Improvising on the piano to strangers (over the Internet) http://pianologist.com/piano-videos/stranger-improvisation/ http://pianologist.com/piano-videos/stranger-improvisation/#comments Mon, 05 Jul 2010 10:47:15 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=856 This guy is really funny. I can do the same stuff, but not in English of course :)

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Portable piano + MP3 player: You can transcribe and jam anywhere http://pianologist.com/website-review/piano-silhouette/ http://pianologist.com/website-review/piano-silhouette/#comments Mon, 05 Jul 2010 10:29:21 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=851 This is a very useful invention indeed only if the keyboard touch feels a lot like the real thing. I play my grand piano while listening to the music I want to transcribe on iPhone ear-piece. Piano Silhouette is a sort of combination of the two. How good is it?

The Piano Silhouette is 12 centimeters long, 4.5 centimeters wide, and features a rechargeable battery. The USB port facilitates data transfer and charging operations, while the small LCD below the touch controls provides feedback to the user.

Check out this design by Jia Peng

Piano Silhouette - MP3 player with a portable roll-out piano.

Piano Silhouette - MP3 player with a portable roll-out piano.

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Find piano to play on the street: “Play me, I’m Yours” http://pianologist.com/piano-news/street-piano/ http://pianologist.com/piano-news/street-piano/#comments Tue, 22 Jun 2010 09:37:46 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=843 Isn’t it fun to find a piano when you are walking down the street? Just sit down and play your favorite tune. You can even sing to the people who walk by.

This is an international touring public art project called “Play me, I’m yours”, started by artist Luke Jerram. More than 30 pianos were installed at public places like public parks, busy street, and train stations. It happened since 2008.

This video shows the situation when it was held in London. It is now in New York. I hope it will eventually comes to Malaysia.


Update on July 5, 2010

One of the piano installed at Queens Park was vandalized. All of its keys and some inner part gears were stripped. I am shocked that this can ever happen in New York city!

Stripped piano.. who could have done this?

Stripped piano.. who could have done this?

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Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi amazing Piano Rendition http://pianologist.com/piano-videos/lady-gagas-paparazzi-amazing-piano-rendition/ http://pianologist.com/piano-videos/lady-gagas-paparazzi-amazing-piano-rendition/#comments Thu, 13 May 2010 09:52:59 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=837 A 12-year-old school kid performed (singing on the piano) Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi. He did a great job with unique piano chops and magnificent vocal performance.

The video capture of the performance was posted by himself on youtube creating a buzz! More than 7 million views in two weeks!!

You just have to watch it.


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Kenny Kirkland Funk Piano Solo Techniques http://pianologist.com/transcription-sheet-music-score/kenny-kirkland-funk-piano-solo-techniques/ http://pianologist.com/transcription-sheet-music-score/kenny-kirkland-funk-piano-solo-techniques/#comments Wed, 28 Apr 2010 07:57:09 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=825 Brief Analysis and Transcription of Kenny Kirkland’s piano solo on Sting’s “Bring On The Night”, with video samples

Ask any jazz pianist about funk piano solo improvisation, and one of the first thing that comes to mind would be Kenny Kirkland‘s piano solo on Sting’s “Bring On The Night”

Here’s a video clip of a youtube guy emulating Kenny’s solo note for note.

I transcribed a few bars of the solo, starting from about 0m48s of the video. Here it is in PDF.


The harmony for the solo part is a recurring four bars, as shown in the first four bars of the transcription.

| C13     | D7     | Em7     | Em7     |


One technique used quite often by Kenny or any funk pianist is a Superimposition of a major 7th or major 9th chord a tone below.

Here are two examples of Kenny superimposing a Dmaj9 over the Em7 chord.

Bar 4


Bar 8


The harmony for the two bars shown above is the Em7. But observe the notes applied in the solo, they are ALL from the Dmaj9 chord superimposed, thus adding some flavor into the solo giving it a brighter sound.

This technique is also applicable over a dominant 7th chord.

ie. the Dmaj9 chord can be superimposed over an Em7 or E7 chord.


Case of Ambiguity

It’s hard to tell whether an Em7 or E7 is intended for the third and fourth bars, since the player has the liberty to use the G note instead of G# over the E7.

- The G note could be the #9 of the E7 chord, altering it into an E7#9


- The G note comes from the E minor pentatonic scale applied over an E7 chord

Either way, I consider this a case of ambiguity, where both chords are possible.

Here’s another video of Sting’s “Bring On The Night” with Kenny Kirkland himself doing another killer piano solo.

Enjoy and Have Fun …… :D


For more on Funk Piano Solo Improvisation Techniques and Superimposition, read these posts:

Jason Rebello Solo on Why Not

Jay Oliver Funk Piano Solo Analysis

Jason Rebello Funk Piano Solo on Never Coming Home

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Pleyel only make 25 pianos a year http://pianologist.com/piano-news/pleyel/ http://pianologist.com/piano-news/pleyel/#comments Thu, 22 Apr 2010 07:00:25 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=821 Facing the competition of piano makers from China and Korea, the world’s oldest piano firm and the last still operating in France, Pleyel has stopped making the conventional piano. Instead, they are now focusing on innovative design. If you have never heard of Pleyel before, they used to make piano for the Polish composer Frederic Chopin.

The most prized product they are working on now is an aubergine-colored grand piano with a turquoise interior and transparent legs.

Piano has been invented 250 years ago. Pleyel had been making pianos for 203 years. Lately, they had shifted its product range to the top end of the market due to the Asian competition and the falling demand for pianos on the French market. They only make 25 pianos in a year.


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Play Beyonce Irreplaceable on iPhone http://pianologist.com/piano-videos/beyonce-irreplaceable/ http://pianologist.com/piano-videos/beyonce-irreplaceable/#comments Tue, 20 Apr 2010 06:54:25 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=817 There is a very young, pretty, talented, and creative girl playing three iPhones and sing like a superstar in this video.

You simply shouldn’t miss it! Meet Applegirl002.

First, she program the drum beat rhythm pattern on the first iPhone.

Then she plays guitar (strumming) on the second iPhone and sings in perfect pitch. So cool!


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Play piano with Apple iPad http://pianologist.com/website-review/ipad-piano/ http://pianologist.com/website-review/ipad-piano/#comments Thu, 15 Apr 2010 10:28:34 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=814 With the newly launched iPad, you can have a better experience of playing piano on a computer. This is an iPad app called Magic Piano. This is great for having a fun portable “piano” and comes second only to actually hiring piano movers to move you and your piano around town while you’re playing for random passersby.

Watch these videos:



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Am I Too Old to Learn Piano http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/am-i-too-old-to-learn-piano/ http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/am-i-too-old-to-learn-piano/#comments Fri, 02 Apr 2010 10:15:18 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=806 “Am I too old to learn the piano?”

This is without doubt the most asked question I have encountered throughout my piano teaching years.

Studies have shown that the brain‘s speed and reasoning capability starts to decline by the age of 27. No wonder adults question their ability to learn the piano or any music instrument.


Eric Claption is 62 and still one hell of a blues guitarist. Chick Corea is 69 this year, but still throwing young musicians off their feet with his musical prowess.

But perhaps the most talked about is Bill Tapia, the 103 years old ukulele player,who could be the oldest performing musician in the world, and the only professional musician who has played in World War I.


Bill Tapia photo by colleeninhawaii 

All these extraordinary people are just a few among many musicians who have overcomed the barrier of old age.

What most adult students fail to realize is, the main problem is NOT about AGE, but TIME ALLOCATION.

ie. Grown up nowadays are caught up with so many things in life, they could hardly find time to sit down and practise the piano an hour a day, the way they would require their child to.

Do share your thoughts, would be glad to hear them…. :D

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Transcription of Joe Sample on Deeper Than You Think http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/transcription-of-joe-sample-on-deeper-than-you-think/ http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/transcription-of-joe-sample-on-deeper-than-you-think/#comments Fri, 26 Mar 2010 09:33:20 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=799 Transcription of Joe Sample Piano Solo on Deeper Than You Think, with video and brief analysis.

In this live collaboration with George Benson, Joe Sample did a beautiful piano solo on the tune “Deeper Than You Think”.

Here’s the video :

Here’s the transcription of the piano solo in PDF format :


The transcription is from 3m04s to 3m47s of the video shown above.

The rest of the solos are imitations of the last two bars in the transcription, with slight rhythmic variations. Watch the video and you will get the idea.

Scales Applied

It can be observed that there wasn’t much technical complexity demonstrated. Instead, the emphasis of the improvisation was to make it simple and catchy, focusing on the articulation of each note and each phrase.

The scale applied here is basically a G# aeolian throughout.

Blue Note

Perhaps the only dissonant element in this solo is the use of the Blue Note.

The blue note of the G# minor blues scale would be the D natural.

Here are a few examples found in the transcription


Bar 4


Bar 6

Enjoy and Have Fun… :D

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Complete Piano Transcriptions http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/complete-piano-transcriptions/ http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/complete-piano-transcriptions/#comments Fri, 05 Mar 2010 08:02:19 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=767 In this section you can find free piano sheet music of contemporary instrumental popular pieces.

All the execution can be done by just one pianist, with no need of adaptations during the performance.
Here completness of harmony/dynamics is placed above ease of execution.
You play what you read.

Index by Artist

Bob James
        ‘Modesty’ from ‘Dancing on the Water’ (2001)
        ‘The Green Hour’ from ‘Dancing on the Water’ (2001)

Brad Mehldau
        ‘River Man’ from ‘Live in Tokyo’ (2004)
        ‘Unrequited’ from ‘Metheny Mehldau’ (2006)

Cesar Camargo Mariano
        ‘Cristal’ from ‘Solo Brasileiro’ (1990)
        ‘Curumim’ from ‘Duo DVD’ (2002)  [Simple Version]
        ‘Samambaia’ from ‘Solo Brasileiro’ (1990) [Simple Version]

        ‘Constance’ from ‘Suite Leopoldina’ (1999)
        ‘Dichavado’ from ‘Noturno Copacabana’ (2003)
        ‘Inventando Moda’ from ‘Cheio de Dedos’ (1997)
        ‘Melodia Branca’ from ‘Cine Baronesa’ (2001)

Keith Jarrett
‘Final Impromptu’ from ‘Last Solo’ (1984)
        ‘My Wild Irish Rose’ from ‘The Melody At Night, With You’ (1999)
        ‘Over the Rainbow’ from ‘La Scala’ (1995) [Adapted Version]

Pat Metheny
        ‘As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls’ from ‘As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls’ (1981)
        ‘Letter from Home’ from ‘Letter from Home’ (1989)
        ‘Marta’s Theme’ from ‘Quartet’ (2007)
        ‘Outcasts’ from ‘A Map of the World’ (1999)
        ‘Renato’s Theme’ from ‘Passaggio Per Il Paradiso’ (1996)
        ‘The Level of Deception’ from ‘The Falcon and the Snowman’ (1984)

Egberto Gismonti‘Frevo’ from ‘Meeting Point’ (1995)

Jens Johansson‘Macrowaves’ from ‘Heavy Machinery’ (1997)

Sebastião Tapajós‘Tocata para Billy Blanco’ from ‘Lado a Lado’ (1988) [Simple Version]

Toninho Horta‘Durango Kid’ from ‘Serenade’ (1997)

Ulisses Rocha‘Rua Harmonia’ from ‘Guitar Workshop In Rio’ (1992)

* To view the files, install Sibelius Scorch plugin

All the scores can be download at www.scribd.com/fleckaum

http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/complete-piano-transcriptions/feed/ 10
Transcription of Chick Corea on Morning Sprite http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/transcription-of-chick-corea-on-morning-sprite/ http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/transcription-of-chick-corea-on-morning-sprite/#comments Wed, 03 Mar 2010 19:11:16 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=778 Transcription of Chick Corea’s piano solo on Morning Sprite, with brief analysis

Morning Sprite is one of my favourite Chick Corea’s composition, for his acoustic trio. Here’s a live video of Chick Corea’s Akoustic Band performing Morning Sprite on youtube.

Chick Corea’s improvised piano solo in this clip is nothing short of amazing. Here’s the transcription I did on the piano solo part only, in the usual PDF format.



Quartal chords are very useful tools, not just for voicings purposes, but also during jazz solo improvisation.

First, lets see the choices of quartal chords available over an A dorian harmony.



We can see that for a harmony based on a certain dorian scale, there will be 5 sets of quartals available to us.

Here’s an example of the master Chick Corea applying quartals in his solo.

Observe bar 53 of the transcription.



The quartal observed here, over an F#m7,  is equivalent to the second quartal for the A dorian example shown earlier.

Observe also bar 146 of the transcription.


The quartal observed here, over a G#m7 is equivalent to the third quartal for the A dorian example shown earlier. 

Every jazz musicians should practise using these 5 quartals, until he/she is comfortable applying them over any set of dorian harmony. 

Enjoy and have fun …….  :D

http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/transcription-of-chick-corea-on-morning-sprite/feed/ 4
Transcription of 7notemode Bossa Nova Piano Solo http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/transcription-of-7notemode-bossa-nova-piano-solo/ http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/transcription-of-7notemode-bossa-nova-piano-solo/#comments Mon, 01 Feb 2010 21:38:17 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=775 Transcription/Sheet Music of 7notemode Jazz Piano Solo on Bossa Nova Tune “The Dolphin”

Pianologist has been receiving a lot of request for the transcription of the solo improvisation part of this video.

A wonderful performance by youtube jazz piano sensation 7notemode on the tune “The Dolphin” .

Here’s the transcription of the right hand solo part as promised, in PDF format:


The transcription here is from 1m18s to 2m22s of the video above. 

Have fun and enjoy …..  :D

http://pianologist.com/music-production-arrangement/transcription-of-7notemode-bossa-nova-piano-solo/feed/ 4
Pianologist ‘Live’ Again http://pianologist.com/piano-videos/pianologist-live-again/ http://pianologist.com/piano-videos/pianologist-live-again/#comments Wed, 13 Jan 2010 18:22:17 +0000 http://pianologist.com/?p=764 This is a video of pianologist performing on a tune loosely based on Kenny G’s song “G Bop”.

I heard this song on youtube sometime ago, and have only a vague memory of how it goes. The bassist in the video hasn’t even heard it before, and was just relying on the bassline and chords we talked about a few seconds before we did that song. So forgive us for any mistakes.

Otherwise, enjoy and thanks for watching… :)

http://pianologist.com/piano-videos/pianologist-live-again/feed/ 1